Privacy Policy

“This privacy policy is designed to keep all users of our gaming website informed about important operational standards. If you want to know what personal and digital information we may obtain when you use our website or play our games, this policy will deliver that information. This document will also disclose our policies regarding the software used to keep our website operational and the use of advertisements and cookies. This policy is part of our End User License Agreement, otherwise known as our EULA.

Note that information included in this policy may change at any time and without warning. While our operational standards remain consistent most of the time, we may occasionally need to make changes that could potentially impact the use of data collected from the users of our site. We will update the privacy policy immediately when that occurs. If you’re concerned about your privacy when using online resources, you’re encouraged to read this privacy policy periodically to stay up to date on our practices and procedures.

Data Collection Notice

If you choose to download games from our website, we may collect data from your computer at the time of download. This data may include a list of websites that you have previously visited, including the type of content presented on those websites. We may also obtain other information regarding activity on your browser.

Use of Advertisements

When you visit our website to read content or download gaming software, you will likely see a variety of advertisements. This may include videos presented by our sponsors or affiliates in addition to links within our content and popups. We may collect information from your browser when you visit our site or download our games, and that information may determine which ads you see displayed on our website. These ads may pertain to products that you have researched online, websites that you have visited in the past or other information regarding your use of the internet.

Some of the ads that you see displayed on our site may generate as a result of aggregated data collected from all users of the site. While these advertisements aren’t targeted to you specifically, we still hope that you find them interesting and of value.

Our gaming website uses advertisements to deliver personalized experiences to each of our visitors while allowing us to provide free content to game enthusiasts around the world. If you enjoy the quality information and interactive games that we provide, please enjoy the ads that we present as well.

How to Opt Out of Ads

Some advertisements displayed on our website or through our downloadable software are easy to disable. Look for links or an X that will close or disable the ad immediately. This will disable that advertisement for the short term, but it may display again when you reload the page or come back for a new gaming session. If you don’t want to receive any ads, you may choose not to download content or software from this website.

If you are concerned about software that you have downloaded in the past, you may need to uninstall the software from your computer to completely eliminate all advertisements. You can read more detailed instructions on how to uninstall our software by reading our EULA or by sending us an email regarding your concerns.

Notice of Personal Information Collection

When you visit our website, interact with content on the website, download software through the site, send us email messages or interact with us through social media, we may collect information that is considered personal in nature. This information is not intended to identify you personally, but you may reveal identifying information when you fill out forms or send us messages. We use this information for operational purposes, to customize your experience when visiting our website and to improve our services for all users.

If you choose to load content from our website onto your browser, we reserve the right to use cookies, beacons and other tracking resources to collect and store information obtained from your browser. This can include your IP address and basic information regarding your browsing behaviors while on the site. We may also determine how you arrived at our website, including the identity of other websites if you clicked a link to our site.

Our Use of Collected Data

Data collected through this website is used to improve and maintain the website for the enjoyment of all users. We may use aggregated information for research and marketing purposes or to identify and fix potential site problems. We may also develop new games and change our content as a result of the information collected from users.

Information Sharing Policy

We only share information that is considered non-personally identifiable, otherwise stated as NPII. Information sharing is often necessary to provide all of the services and resources available through our website. We may share information with third-party service providers so that they can help us with payment processing, website analysis, product development, email delivery, electronic product delivery, technical assistance and other purposes.

We may also share information as required for legal procedures when requested by official members of the law enforcement community. This may include responding to court orders and subpoenas if they are issued to our website. We may also reveal information in an effort to protect users of this site and the site’s administrators from fraud and abuse of any nature.

Our affiliates and partners are sometimes authorized to collect information from our users or to access aggregated data collected by our website. This information is shared for marketing and research as well as other purposes.

In the event that this website changes ownership for any reason, all collected and stored information will transfer to the new owner.

Our Use of Tracking Resources

We may track your activity on our website using cookies, clear gifs, flash and a variety of other tracking and recording resources. This information is often used to identify your IP address, deliver some services through the website and personalize your experience on the site.

Each time that you visit our site, we may deliver persistent or session-specific cookies to your browser. While persistent cookies will remain on your computer until you manually remove them, session cookies will erase themselves once you leave our website. We use persistent cookies to track your online behavior even when you aren’t on our site, and session cookies are used to process orders and record information while you visit this website.

At times, we may also authorize third parties to deliver cookies to your browser. Each third party maintains responsibility for their cookies, and this privacy policy doesn’t extend to those third parties. You may read the privacy policies for each of these third parties if you want to determine how they may use your information.

We may also implement clear gifts, also known as beacons or bugs, in order to track how use our website during each session. This is an element that we implement into our web design, but it will not install on your computer or track your internet usage after you leave our website.

You can prevent all websites from downloading cookies onto your computer by selecting the disallow cookies option in your browser’s settings. You may also delete all cookies from your computer at any time using your browser’s settings.

Notice of Information Security

We take all possible precautions to protect collected user information from unauthorized access or misuse. This may include implementing proper encryption, password and SSL protections. We take security seriously, but we cannot guarantee that all information is entirely safe at all times.

Parental Notice

Our website and downloadable software are not intended for users under the age of 13. It is never our intention to collect information from minors under this age limit, and we appreciate you alerting us to the situation if you believe that we have unknowingly collected information from a minor.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy or want further information regarding our use of information collected through this website, feel free to visit this link